Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching up on lost time

I havn't had any internet, so posting has become a bit complicated.

A lot has happened since my last post. The steambike game is complete and ready to run, but for some reason we havn't started playing. I finished the finer points of the game creation process with something I like to call "Mad Skill". I was feeling fairly lazy and my players have been hard to keep in contact with, so I cheated a little bit.

All I needed to finish before we could start playing was the weapons and armor charts. The weapons are pretty simple. The players can use melee (with just about anything) and the damage is purely GM disaggregation. Which just means that instead of an exact number of damage points every time the weapon is used, I (as the game master) will decide what damage and how much of it was taken. There could also be dice used here, but nothing too special.

The Guns though!! That's where the actions at. I created a list of 6 different types of guns. And each type of gun shoots a different class of bullet. These are no ordinary bullets (well except for the regular bullet kind), they each have properties that allow the user to shoot a large variety of different attacks. Here's a list for all the guns and what bullets they can shoot.

Apprentice 1 Non-Lethal damage (rubber bullets, nets, etc.)
Alchemist 2 Traps (oil slicks, spikes, EMP, etc.)
Magician 3 Semi-Lethal/Wound damage (ordinary bullets, glass bullets, etc.)
Wizard 4 Lethal Damage (spread shot, split-shot, sniper shot, etc.)
Mage 5 Traps that can get lethal (electric blast, flame, vaporizer, etc.)
Sage 6 Bio-Warfare (Diseases)

The spread shot is like a shotgun blast while the split shot breaks up after hitting the target. The vaporizer turns all water within a small range into steam. This is particularly useful because the game is based in a world where water is hard to come by, and even your vehicle needs it to keep running.
There are also more guns that are more or less combination of those basic 6.

Druid 1-2
Warlock 3-4
Arcmage 5-6
Shaman 1-3
Guru 4-6
Cleric 2-5
Oracle 1-6

The armor is also 1-6 levels of protection (each for its corresponding damage) and available for the head, torso, arms, legs, hands and feet.

Anyway, that's all I'm posting for now, but I still have a lot to tell you. So until next time, keep doing what you're doing and I promise you'll enjoy the results.

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