Monday, August 30, 2010

Schools In

Well to anyone keeping up with my blog entries, I am sorry that I haven't written in two months! I know... I'm a horrible raccoon. However, not much has actually taken place since my last post. The steam bike game sort of fell apart after the first session. A mix of me getting sick with some stomach illness, and players forgetting what day we played. We got two additional sessions in before the interruption that inevitably stopped the game, and that interruption would be moving away and going to school. All my players where back in the hometown for the summer, but we're all going our separate ways for school again. Now here I sit in my brand new apartment, with brand new roommates, looking out at a vast sunset/thunderstorm.

Sad as it is that the game fell apart, I won't roll over and take it lying down. I'm well on my way to preparing another game and finding some new players...
"New players"... now there's a thought I wasn't prepared for.

How do I go about discovering brand new players under the rocks of this brand new city? I have yet to meet anyone in any of my classes that looks interesting. Although I do suppose my roommates could work, maybe I'll try for them.

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