Friday, March 12, 2010

What A Paper Game Is

Hello Bloggers!

This is my fist blog, and I intend on using it to get one thing across:

What's a Paper Game you ask?

Solid question, I retort, and since I make and run them in my free time, I will be happy to tell you. But the answer is not quite as simple as one would expect. First I must also explain what a Role Playing Game is. A Role Playing Game is any game where the player takes on the role of a character, most often fictitious, and usually human. That was actually pretty simple, eh?

Role Playing Games (or RPG's) could be anything from the Dress up & Doctor games our children play together behind the shed, to the Halo and Final Fantasy games we play on our game counsels. Paper Games (or Pen & Paper Games as some would call them) are another form of Role Playing Games. They require only a few things: Paper, Some sort of writing utensil, and an Imagination. Most Paper Games also incorporate dice or maybe even little figurines if the players are SUPER-Nerdy.

The most famous of these Paper Games is probably Dungeons & Dragons. Ah yes, D&D… the game that makes us all look so bad. You’ve got that visual of acne faced cloaked figures hiding in the darkest shadows that are the back of your high school cafeteria. They’re speaking in non-sense language and screaming at the dice on the table! All of a sudden two of them stand up and pull wooden swords out of apparently thin air! The other players root them on until the tall one with braces slays the short one with big ears. Blood, no. Ketchup everywhere, they return to their seats and the fat one starts singing for no reason at all. “Freaks.” You say to yourself >.<

NO! Bad judgmental blogger person, jumping to stereotypical conclusions like that! Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) is a whole other monster! LARPers, as they're called, dress up as their characters and act out what their character is doing in the game, but they act it out in reality. Some RPG's exist entirely based on the LARPing way. Not mine though. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try, maybe. But until then I remain a Nerd with my dignity and I play games wearing my hoody on my back and my converse on my feet.

Ok, so let’s recap what we’ve just learned:
I make Paper Games in my free time.
Paper Games require only Pen, Paper, and an Imagination to play.
I don’t wear ridiculous outfits and learn fake languages to get better at my hobby.

Well done Blogger. You’re one entry closer to filling out your own character sheet and joining in the phenomenon sweeping the nerds of the nation.

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